The first volume of Diane Duane's classic Young Wizards series, in its revised and expanded New Millennium Edition. Each of these download packages contains all the Young Wizards novels in their international editions, from So You Want to Be a Wizard through A Wizard of. So you want to be a wizard by Diane Duane; 7 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Juvenile fiction, Fiction, Fantasy, Books and reading.

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    So You Want To Be A Wizard Epub

    So You Want to Be a Wizard is the first book in the Young Wizards series currently consisting of eleven books by Diane Duane. It was written in. But his one said, So You Want to Be a Wizard. I don't belive this, Nina thought. She shut the book and stood there holding it in her hand, confused, amazed. 4 days ago So You Want to Be a Wizard is the first book in the Young Wizards series currently consisting of eleven books by Diane Duane. It was written in.

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    So You Want to Be a Wizard, New Millennium Edition

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