Secret Seven 02 - Secret Seven Adventure · Read more Blyton, Enid - Secret Seven 10 - Puzzle for the Secret Seven. Read more. Blyton Enid Secret Seven 1 (OCW) Secret Seven Original First Edition () - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. What is it you want—your Secret Seven Badge? " " Yes! There's a meeting this morning, and I can't go without my badge," said Janet. " Peter wouldn't let me into .

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    out, as long as there were Seven in the Secret Seven, there couldn't possibly be any more. “Susie wants smacking,” said Peter. “You'll have to get back the. 'But - what can the Secret Seven do about it?' asked Peter, surprised. 'Listen - I'll read you the piece,' said his father, and propped the paper up in front of him. Synopsis: The Secret Seven are siblings Peter and Janet, and Jack, Barbara, Pam, Colin and George. Together they are The Secret Seven - ready to solve any .

    But Brownie is almost lame from hard work and the vet's bill was more than Tolly could afford, and the owner of the horse wants him to be shot! But help is at hand for Tolly, Brownie and his dog, as the Seven find somewhere safe for them all to stay and Peter's father downloads Brownie from his horrid farm owner, Mr Dinneford. And everyone is so pleased when Brownie is a great help with some awful horse thieves! He ends his note with a slightly provocative statement "isn't it about time we met again, before we all forget we're the Secret Seven? It also turns out that he is very untidy and his room is like a pigsty. Despite his request, Jack is quite surprised when Peter calls a meeting as he thought the Secret Seven had 'gone west'. This could be a sign that they are getting a bit older, as they never used to make comments like that.

    Shelve The Secret Seven Adventure. Book 3. The Secret Seven have built a new meeting place,… More. Shelve Well Done, Secret Seven. Book 4. Secret Seven on the Trail by Enid Blyton. Is something mysterious happening at Tigger's Bar… More. Shelve Secret Seven on the Trail. Book 5. George is in trouble and has to resign from the S… More.

    Shelve Go Ahead Secret Seven. Book 6. Peter and Janet are the only witnesses when a car… More. Shelve Good Work, Secret Seven. Book 7. The Seven have a fantastic new hiding place. But… More. Shelve Secret Seven Win Through. Book 8. Jack looked pleased. So I'm glad I've thought of a new one for us. Now what about some grub?

    Blyton Enid Secret Seven 1 (OCW) Secret Seven Original First Edition (1949)

    It was a dark purple and had little black things bobbing about in it. This is blackcurrant tea! They set down their mugs and smacked their lips. Well, has anyone any ideas? Nobody had. If anyone hears of any good deed we can do, or of any mystery that wants solving, they must at once call a meeting of the Secret Seven. Is that understood? I hope somebody does! It's not much fun having a Secret Society that doesn't do anything," said Colin. You never know when something might turn up.

    It would be fun. We could build quite an army of snowmen. They'd look funny standing in the field by themselves. Let's do that," said Janet, who was tired of sitting still.

    It's been hanging in this shed for ages. They only had time to build four snowmen. The snow was thick and soft in the field, and it was easy to roll it into big balls and use them for the snowmen.

    Scamper had a lovely. Janet put a cap on one of the snowmen, and Peter put the old coat round his snowy shoulders. They found stones for his eyes and nose, and a piece of wood for his mouth. They gave him a stick under his arm. He looked the best of the lot. Mine are soakingand oooh, my hands are cold! I know they'll hurt awfully as soon as they begin to get a bit warm," said Barbara, shaking her wet hands up and down. Opposite was an old house.

    It was THEY 27 empty except for one room at the bottom, where dirty curtains hung across the window. I suppose he uses the back gate. Oh, Scamperyou naughty dog, come back! The marks of his feet were clearly to be seen.

    He barked joyfully. The curtains at the ground-floor window moved and a cross, wrinkled old face looked out. Then the window was thrown up. Take your dog away! I won't have children or dogs here, pestering little varmints! He disappeared. Then a door opened at the side of the house and the old man appeared, with a big stick.

    He shook it at the alarmed children. But Scamper seemed to have gone completely deaf. Peter pushed open the gate and tore up the path to Scamper, afraid he would be hurt. He came in himself! Peter marched Scamper down the drive and out of the gate. We'll really have to hurry! Jack was the first hi because he lived very close. He rushed into the bathroom to wash his hands. Then he went to brush his hair.

    But it wasn't there. He frowned and went into the bathroom. He must have dropped it. He must have dropped it in the field when he was making the snowmen with the others. She liked Susie, Jack's sister, but she thought Jack was dirty, noisy and badmannered.

    He wasn't really, but somehow he never did behave very well with Miss Ely. You've been to your silly Secret Society. You think I don't know anything about it. Well, I do! You ought to know better than to talk about other people's secrets in public You just hold that horrid, interfering tongue of yours. It was" Jack kicked out hard under the table, meaning to get Susie on the shin. But most unfortunately Miss Ely's long legs were in the way. Jack's boot hit her hard on the ankle.

    She gave a loud cry of pain. My ankle! How dare you, Jack! Leave the table and go without your dinner. I shall not speak another word to you all day long, if that is how you behave. Leave the room, please. He didn't dare to slam the door, though he felt like it. He wasn't cross with Susie any more. He had caught sight of her face as he went out 32 of the room, and had seen that she was alarmed and upset. She had meant to tease him, but she hadn't meant him to lose his nice dinner.

    He kicked his toes against each step as he went upstairs. It was a pity he'd been sent out before the jam-tarts were served. He liked those so much. Blow Miss Ely! Now she certainly wouldn't make a new badge for him, and probably he would be turned out of the Society for losing it. Peter had threatened to do that to anyone who turned up more than once without a badge.

    I'd better go before it snows again, or I'll never find it. You are to stay in to-day, after that extraordinary behaviour of yours at the dinner-table," she said sternly. All right! He would jolly well go out that night then, and look with his torch. Miss Ely should not stop-him from doing what he wanted to do! He went up to bed at his usual time, after saying a polite good night to Miss Ely, but he didn't get undressed.

    He put on his coat and cap instead! He wondered whether he dared go downstairs and out of the garden door yet. I don't want to be caught. She'd only go and split on me when Mother comes home. Miss Ely waited for the nine o'clock news on the wireless and then she locked up the house and came upstairs. Jack heard her shut the door of her room. Now he could go. He slipped his torch into his pocket, because it really was a very dark night.

    The moon was not yet up. He crept downstairs quietly and went to the garden door. He undid it gently. The bolt gave a little squeak but that was all. He stepped into the garden.

    His feet sank quietly into the snow. He made his way to the lane and went down it to the field, flashing his little torch as he went. The snow JACK 34 glimmered up, and there was a dim whitish light all round from it.

    He soon came to the field where they had built the snowmen, and he climbed over the gate. The snowmen stood silently in a group together, almost as if they were watching and waiting for him. Jack didn't altogether like it. He thought one moved, and he drew his breath in sharply. But, of course, it hadn't.

    If was just his imagination. Be sensible and look for your dropped button! The one with eyes and nose and mouth, with the cap and the coat on, seemed to look at him gravely as he hunted here and there. Jack turned his back on him. He had found his badge! There lay the button in the snow, with S.

    He must have dropped it here after all then. He picked it up. It was wet with snow. He pinned it carefully on his coat. That really was a bit of luck to find it so easily. Now he could go home and get into bed.

    He was cold and sleepy. His torch suddenly flickered, and then went out. It might 35 have lasted till I got home, really it might! Well, it's a good thing I know my way. It was coming very slowly. Jack was surprised. The lane led nowhere at all. Was the car lost? He'd better go and put the driver on the right road, if so. People often got lost when the roads were snow-bound. He went to the gate.

    The car came slowly by and then Jack saw that it was towing somethingsomething rather big. What was it? The boy strained his eyes to see. It wasn't big enough for a removal van, and yet it looked rather the shape of one.

    It wasn't a caravan either, because there were no wide windows at the side. Were there any windows at all? Jack couldn't see any. Well, whatever was this curious van? And where was it going? The driver simply must have made a mistake! The boy began to climb over the gate. Then he suddenly sat still. The car's headlights had gone out. The car itself had stopped, and so had the thing it was towing.

    Jack could make out the dark shapes of the car and the van behind, standing quite still. What was it all about? Somebody spoke to somebody else in a low voice. Jack could see that one or two men had got out of the car, but he could not hear their footsteps because of the snow. How he wished the moon was up, then he could hide 36 behind the hedge and see what was happening! He heard a man's voice, speaking more loudly. He crouched behind the snowy hedge, scraping snow over himself.

    There came the soft crunch of footsteps walking over frosty snow by the hedge. The flashlight shone over the gate and the man gave an exclamation. Who are you! He was just about to get up and show himself, and say who he was, when the man at the gate began to laugh. I thought they were alive at first, watching for us!

    I got a scare all right. There's nobody about here at this time of night, Mac. Come onlet's get down to business. Jack sat up, trembling. What in the world could the men be doing down here in the snowy darkness, outside an old empty house?

    Should he try to see what they were up to? He didn't want to in the least. He wanted to go home as quickly as ever he could! He heard queer sounds from Where the men wereas if they were unbolting something opening the van perhaps. And then there came a sound that sent Jack helter-skelter over the gate and up the lane as fast as his legs would take him! An angry, snorting sound, and then a curious high squeal and then a noise of a terrific struggle, with the two men panting and grunting ferociously.

    Jack couldn't think for the life of him what the noise was, and he didn't care, either. All he wanted was to get home before anything happened to him. Something was happening to somebody, that was certain, 38 out there in the snowy lane. It would need a very, very brave person to go and interfereand Jack wasn't brave at all, that night! He came to his house, panting painfully. He crept in at the garden door and locked and bolted it. H went upstairs, not even caring if the stairs creakeft under his feet!

    He switched on the light hi his bedroom. Ahthat was better. He didn't feel so scared once he had the light on. He looked at himself in the glass. He was very pale, and his coat was covered with snow. That was through lying in the snowy ditch below the hedge.

    We can't leave it. So they all thought again. What would be the best move to make next? We couldn't let the girls into it. So what about us taking it in turn at night to go and watch outside the old house to see who goes inthen we might even follow them and see where they go, and who they've got there!

    I wouldn't want to go and hide somewhere there all by myself! To his surprise the other three boys pounced on his idea eagerly. Nobody would ever guess we weren't snowmen if we had something white round us!

    We'd have to wrap up jolly warmly, though. Boys only are in the performance to-night! Shall we take him? He'll look like a big lump of snow or something! Meet here at about nine to-night. My goodness this is a bit of excitement, isn't it? Peter borrowed a ragged old sheet, and found an old white mackintosh. He thought he could cut up the sheet and make it do for the other three, it was so big. Janet helped him to cut it up and make arm-holes and neck-holes. She giggled when he put one on to see if it was all right.

    It will be moonlight to-night, you know.

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    Can I come to the shed at nine, Peter, and just see you all before you go? If she's not, you mustn't come in case you make a noise and spoil the whole thing. Peter told Janet she must wrap up -very warmly indeedand if she had fallen asleep she was not to wake up! Mind you don't. My word, Janetthe Secret Seven are in for an adventure this time! But torches lighted up their rooms, and Janet was very, very busy dressing up Scamper in his new white coat.

    He didn't like it at all, and kept biting at it. And whether or not Scamper understood what she said she didn't knowbut from that moment he let her dress him up without any more trouble. He looked peculiar and very mournful. It was Peter's. Together the two children and Scamper crept down the stairs. They were very warmly wrapped up indeedbut as soon as they got out into the air they found that it was not nearly as cold as they expected. There's no frost to-night," whispered Janet.

    Peter lighted a candle, and they all looked at one another in excitement. He's in white too! Scamper, you look ridiculous. He felt ridiculous, too! Poor Scamper. With little squeals and gurgles of laughter the four boys painted their faces white. They had carefully put on their white things first so as not to mess their overcoats.

    Janet fitted the little white skull caps she had roughly made, over each boy's head. I shouldn't like to meet you walking down the lane to-night! Go to bed now and sleep tight. I'll tell you our adventures in the morning! I shan't wake you when I come in. She watched them go off down the moonlit path, a row of queer white figures with horrid white faces. They really did look like walking snowmen, as they trod softly over the soft, melting snow.

    They made their way quietly out of the gate and walked in the direction of the lane that led to the old house, keeping a sharp look-out for any passers-by. They met no one except a big boy who came so quietly round a corner in the snow that not one of the four heard him. They stopped at once when they saw him.

    He stopped too. He gazed at the four white snowmen in horror. What's this? Who are you? Four live snowmen! The four boys collapsed in helpless giggles against the fence behind.

    They came to the lane where the old house stood and went down it. It stood silent and dark, with its roof white in the moonlight. He'll trip me up in this sheet thing I'm wearing. The snowmen still stood there, but, alas! Scamper went and sniffed at each one solemnly. Peter called him. You've got to stand as still as we doand remember, not a bark, not a growl, not a whine! He stood as still as a statue beside Peter.

    The boys looked for all the world like neat snowmen as they stood there in the snowy field. They waited and they waited. Nobody came. They waited for half an hour and then they began to feel cold. Gone were their ideas of staying half the night standing quietly with the snowmen! Half an hour was more than enough. Colin began to speak again. Colin stopped at once. They all listened. A far-away sound came to their straining ears. Only very faint and far away. It's coming from the old house.

    There is somebody there! They listened again, and once more the queer, far-away sound came on the night air. But Peter was quite firm about that. Two to go and two to remain on guard. That's what we said. Jack, you come with me. Colin and George, stay here and watch. They opened it and shut it behind them. There was no noise at all to be heard now. They went quietly up the drive, keeping to the shadows in case the old caretaker might possibly be looking out. They went to the front door and looked through the letter-box.

    Nothing was to be seen through there at all. All was dark inside. They went to the side door. It was fastened, of course. Then they went to the back door and tried that.

    That was locked, too. Then they heard a queer thudding, thundering noise from somewhere in the house. They clutched at one another.

    What was going on in this old empty house? Then what about getting in and seeing if we can find the prisoner? It only took a minute or two to climb up and get inside. They stood in the dark kitchen, listening. There was no. Where could the prisoner be? So, as quietly as they could they tiptoed into first the scullery and then an outhouse. Nobody there at all. The front rooms were bright with moonlight but the back rooms were dark.

    The boys pushed open each door and flashed the torch round the room beyond.

    Each one was silent and empty. They came to a shut door. Sounds came from behind it. Peter clutched Jack. I expect the door's locked, but I'll try it. Stand ready to run if we're chased! It opened quietly. The sounds became loud at once. Somebody was in there, snoring! The same thought came to both boys at once. It must be the caretaker!

    Quietly Peter looked in. Moonlight filled the room. On a low, untidy bed lay the old caretaker, not even undressed! He looked dirty and shabby, and he was snoring as he slept. Peter turned to go and his torch suddenly knocked against the door and fell with a crash to the floor. He stood petrified, but the old man didn't stir. Then Peter remembered how deaf he was! Thank goodnesshe hadn't even heard the noise! He shut the door quietly and the two boys stood out in the hall.

    Peter tried his torch to see if he had broken it, No, it was all right. Come on. Up to the first floor with five or six rooms to peep intoall as empty as one another. Then up to the top floor. He spoke in such a whisper that Peter could hardly hear him. The prisoner must be here somewhere.

    Well, then, how could there be a prisonerunless he was tied up? The two. But there was absolutely nothing there at all. The rooms were either dark and empty, or full of moonlight and nothing else. Surely those noises did come from the house somewhere?

    Fun for the Secret Seven (The Secret Seven, Book 15) (PDF) | UK education collection

    Yet there's nothing and no one here except the old caretaker! But we've looked everywhere. Down they went, not caring now about the noise they made.

    They came to the kitchen. The noises had stopped again. Then the thudding began once more. Jack clutched Peter. There's a cellar there. That's where the prisoner is! They found it at last, in a dark corner of the passage between kitchen and scullery. They turned the handleand what a surprisethe door opened! Peter flashed his torch down them. He called, in rather a shaky voice: Who is it down there? The boys listened with straining ears. They could distinctly hear the sound of very heavy breathing, loud and harsh.

    We've come to rescue you. This was dreadful. Both boys were really scared. They didn't dare to go down the steps. Their legs simply refused to move downwards.

    Yet it seemed very cowardly to go back into the passage again. And then another sound came to themthe sound of low voices somewhere! Then came the sound of a key being turned in a lockand a door being opened!

    Jack clutched Peter in a panic. They're back again. Quickwe must hide before they find us here. Then Peter stripped off his white sheet and cap. They crouched there in a corner, hoping that the men would go straight down into the cellar. But they didn't. And then one of them caught sight of Peter's whitewashed face, which gleamed queerly out of the middle of the dark shadows.

    Peter had forgotten his face was white! Whatever is it? White faces! Here, switch on your torch. It's just a trick of the moonlight or something. A powerful torch was switched on, and the two boys were discovered at once! With a few strides the man called Mac went over to them.

    He picked up both boys at once, gave them a rough shake and set them on their feet. What are you doing? You're hurting," said Jack, angrily.

    The thudding noise began again, and the two boys looked at the men. Who are you keeping prisoner? Then he and Peter were dragged to a nearby cupboard and locked in.

    The men seemed furiously angry for some reason or other. Peter put his ear to the crack and tried to hear what they were saying. If those kids get anyone here, we're done. Keep the kids here too, then. Put them down with Kerry Blue! We'll fetch him to-morrow night and clear off, and nobody will know anything. The job will be done by then. He'll get a shock when he finds the kids prisoners there!

    Serve them right, little pests. Who was Kerry Blue? What a peculiar name! He trembled when he heard the men coming to the door. But they didn't unlock it.

    One of them called through the crack.

    Secret Seven (PDF)

    Teach you to come poking your noses into what's no business of yours! The boys heard the crackling of wood as if a fire was being lighted. Then a nasty smell came drifting through the cracks of the door. They're boiling something. They heard a lot of squealing again, and some snorting, and a thundering noise like muffled hooves thudding on stone.

    It was all very, very extraordinary. The cupboard, made to take a few coats, was small and cold and airless. The two boys were very uncomfortable.

    They were glad when one of the men unlocked the door and told them to come out. He thrust both of them through it, and they half-fell down the top steps. The door shut behind them. They could hear it being locked. Blow, blow, blow!

    Now they were prisoners too! A noise came from below them. Oh dearwas Kerry Blue down there, whoever he was? What were they going to see? What they saw was so surprising that both boys gave a gasp of amazement. They were looking down on a beautiful horse, whose pricked ears and rolling eyes showed that he was as scared as they were!

    How wicked to keep a horse down here like this. Why do they do it! It looks like a racehorse," said Jack. Do you think they're hiding it here till they can change it to another colour, or something horse thieves do do that, you knowand then sell it somewhere under a different name. You may be right," said Peter. Peter went down the steps, talking as he went. And a beautiful name it is, too, for a beautiful horse! Don't be frightened, beauty. I'm your friend.

    Just let me stroke that velvety nose of yours and you'll be all right! Peter took no notice. He went right up to the frightened creature and. The horse stood absolutely still. Then it suddenly nuzzled against the boy and made queer little snorting sounds.

    The horse is friendly now," called Peter. What brutes those men are to keep a horse down in a dark cellar like this. It's enough to make it go mad! He stroked the horse's back and then gave an exclamation. He feels sticky and wet! It gleamed wetly. You were right! Those men have been dyeing him! What have they been doing to you? Oats were in a heavy pail. Water was in another pail.

    We'll shout the place down as soon as we hear them! Kerry Blue decided to lie down on the straw too. The boys leaned against his warm body, wishing he didn't smell so strongly of dye. Up in the field, where the snow was now rapidly melting, Colin and George had been waiting impatiently for a long time. They had seen Jack and Peter disappear over the gate, and had had a difficult time holding Scamper back, because he wanted to follow them.

    They had stood there quietly for about half an hour, wondering whenever Peter and Jack were coming back, when Scamper began to growl. Golly, I hope it's not those men again. Jack and Peter will be caught, if so!

    It stopped at the gate of the old house and the two men got out. Scamper suddenly barked loudly, and was at once cuffed by Colin. He gazed at the six snowmen. How Colin and George trembled and quaked! Oh, we saw the snowmen there last night.

    Don't you remember? That dog we heard barking must be a stray one about somewhere. Colin and George breathed freely again. That was a narrow escape. Thank goodness for their white faces, caps and sheets! Thank goodness Scamper was in white, too. For a long time there was no sound at all. Colin and George got colder and colder and more and more impatient.

    WHAT was happening? They wished they knew. Were Jack and Peter caught? At last, just as they thought they really must give up and go and scout round the house themselves to see what was happening, they heard sounds again. Ah, the men were back again.

    There was the sound of a car-door being shut quietly. The engine started up. The car moved down the lane to turn in at the field-gate again, go round in a circle and come out facing up the lane. It went by quickly, squelching in the soft, melting snow. Now it's too late. We could have done that," said George. Wait to see if Peter and Jack come out? So, sloshing through the fast-melting snow, the two boys went to the gate.

    They climbed over. Soon they were in the drive of the old house, hurrying up to the front door, with Scamper at their heels. But, of course, they couldn't get in there, nor in thfc other doors either. And then, like Jack and Peter, they discovered the open window!

    In they went. They stood on the kitchen floor and listened. They could hear nothing at all. They called softly. Are you here? Not a sound was to be heard in the house. Then Scamper gave a loud bark and ran into the passage between the scullery and the kitchen. He scraped madly at a door there. The boys followed at once, and no sooner had they got there than they heard Peter's voice. That you, Colin and George? Say the password if it's you!

    We'll come up," said Peter's voice. Can you unlock the dooror has the key been taken? He pushed it open just as Jack and Peter came up to the top of the cellar steps!

    And behind them came somebody elsesomebody whose feet made a thudding sound on the stone steps Kerry Blue! He wasn't going to be left behind in the dark cellar, all alone! He was going to keep beside these nice kind boys. Colin and George gaped in astonishment. They stared at Kerry Blue as if they had never seen a horse in their lives before.

    A horsedown in the cellarlocked up with Peter and Jack. What an extraordinary thing! Away in their car. That's why we came to look for you. They saw us in the field because Scamper barkedbut they thought we were just snowmen!

    I saywhat's happened here? He looked down at the horse's hooves and gave an exclamation. What's he got on his feet? I guess he had those on so that he wouldn't make too much noise down in the cellar! My word, he was scared when we found him. Come onI'm going home!


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